Born in Saronno, Italy in 1975, Dario Tommaseo has lived the last years between Spain, Argentina and Italy.

His interest about photography grew up during his decennial long experience as art director in international advertising agencies in Italy and Spain.

He dedicates primarily to reportage photography.

His photographic interest is mainly focused on daily life and different human conditions. He gets involved in them in a natural way, taking part in them in person. He is moved by a sincere interest in creating a human relationship with the subject. His purpose is always to get pictures that reflect this intimacy.

During a long journey in Latin America in 2002, he was fascinated by the Latin American culture and he began to feel a special strong attraction toward it, starting to get interested in it.

First price winner in the spanish photo contest "Diario de viaje 06", organized by Fnac Spain.

In 2007 he took part to photographic workshop held by David Alan Harvey, photographer of "Magnum Photo" and "National Geographic", organized by TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshop). Also in 2013 he took part in the Magnum Photo workshop with Mark Power.

His photographic works have been published by several italian and spanish magazines and important publishing houses, and have been exhibited to the public several times in Italy and Spain.


dario tommaseo 2015